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Radome Repair

Industry leading TATs, for when you need it most.

ACE has extensive experience with repairing and testing radomes for both the business jet and commercial aviation industries. At ACE, we are able to repair radomes from surface erosion problems to extensive impact damage. Our investment in equipment and tooling allows ACE to provide full radome repair and re-ring with unprecedented quality in paint and erosion coatings. We continue to invest in R&D, for continual improvement of paint coatings and applications for erosion reduction and improved transmissivity.

ACE also inventories many radomes for exchange and lease. This list is continually growing. Contact ACE MRO customer support for your needed AOG support.

Benefits of choosing ACE as your radome repair and testing partner:

  • ACE independently tests many of the materials used in your repairs, assuring the best possible longevity of service.
  • Transmissivity test is a standard part of incoming inspection along with structure, moisture and component.
  • Transmissivity testing that scans your radome emulating your antenna path. No point positioning that can miss critical areas.
  • From a re-paint to a full re-ring, ACE is equipped with the necessary technicians, tooling and equipment from simple repairs to full overhaul of radomes in all conditions.
  • ACE creates a custom template of any paint striping assuring that your radome is returned with exact paint match at the bulkhead.
  • ACE has PMA difficult parts to acquire improving TAT and reducing costs.
  • A final transmissivity report along with an 8130 is sent with your radome.
  • ACE contracts transmissivity testing with a guaranteed TAT of less than 24 hours.
  • RTCA DO-213 compliant.
    • For private, corporate, commercial cargo, military and prototype needs.
    • Flat plate antenna range: able to accommodate all commercial aircraft.
    • Guaranteed testing TAT: less than 24 hours.


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