Our core values guide our work. Our business. Our lives.

Our actions and behaviors make an impact on the people and environment around us. That is why we take our core values seriously.

applied composites engineering core values


At ACE, we believe…


As a company, our commitment is to all that work at ACE.

We believe that we should be for all who are involved, a place for realized potential.


Our commitment is to our customer.

We believe in delivering only our very best. We simply will not ever do anything to compromise quality.



We believe in respect.

Customers, suppliers, and colleagues will be treated with respect. We are honest to a fault because trust cannot ever be bought or bartered, only invested in.



We have a responsibility to our community in which we live.

We believe in participating as good citizens supporting our community at large to be a better place to live.



We are accountable to our shareholders.

Shareholders should realize a fair return on their investment.



We are a research and development driven company.

We commit to the continued improvement of product to provide solutions, add benefit and create advantages for our customers.



Profit, like breathing, is indispensable.

While it is not the sole goal of our lives, in the context of our opportunities, profit must be a result of our contributions.