Los Alamitos, CA

Test and Certification Expertise

Applied Composites, Los Alamitos, currently performs many end-item tests in-house. Regardless of the test type, we work closely with our customers to develop the plans and procedures required to execute a successful test program. In addition, we oversee fixture design and fabrication.

  • Thermal Cycling

  • Static Load

  • Sinusoidal Vibration(Sine Vibe/Sine Burst/Random Vibe)*

  • Acoustic*

  • Thermo-elastic Distortion Testing/Photogrammetry*

  • Metrology

  • Thermal Vacuum Cycling/Bakeout*

  • CTE*

  • Modal Tap

  • Nondestructive Testing


Material Testing

Applied Composites, Los Alamitos, has an in-house test lab for both work in process (WIP) and material allowables (B-basis) testing. Testing programs are performed in accordance with our customers’ requirements, the engineering test plan, industry standards (including ASTM) and manufacturer recommendations. Among the materials testing programs we oversee at our world-class San Diego facilities are:

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