State of the Art Facilities Across Four Locations

Applied Composites is well-equipped to handle all of your aerospace composites needs.

Operating out of approximately 380,000 square feet across four facilities, our locations feature state of the art autoclaves, ovens, CNC machining centers, clean rooms and special processing and testing equipment.


Lake Forest, CA

140k Square Feet ~200 Employees

Brea, CA

120k Square Feet~280 Employees

Indianapolis, IN

50k Square Feet~110 Employees

San Diego, CA

70k Square Feet~80 Employees


  • 17 total between four locations
  • Max diameter: 16ft (by 30 ft)
  • Max length: 40ft (by 7 ft)
  • Max Temp / Pressure: 800°F / 200psi
  • 14 between four locations
  • Max size / temp: 9ft x 8ft x 30ft / 450°F
CNC Machining Centers:
  • 23 total CNC’s between four locations
  • 2 Ultrasonic CNC’s
  • CNC Waterjet
  • Max Envelope: 13ft x 40ft x 5ft
Clean Room:
  • ~25k total square footage
Special Processing:
  • Laser Projection Systems (including Aug. Reality)
  • Automatic Prepreg Cutters
  • Filament Winding Systems
  • CNC Abrasive Machining Center
  • Ultrasonic & CMM Inspection
  • Paint Booth
  • 1000 Ton Forming Press
  • 1200 Ton Compression Molding Press
  • Close Contour Urethane Casting System
  • Mig/Tig welding systems
  • Fortus 900 3D Printer
  • Radome Transmissivity Testing
  • Material Testing Lab