"We salute our brave astronauts"

We live in exciting times! It has taken close to 10 years since the retirement of the shuttle in 2011 for man to be able to get back to human flight and also for a private-public partnership to make it happen. SpaceX Demo-2 will take off from Cape Canaveral with a Dragon crew capsule attached to a Falcon 9 rocket destined for the ISS. The Applied Composites team congratulates the innumerable people and companies that have worked on this program. We are thrilled for our industry and our great country to see this exciting milestone as we took pause this past weekend to honor our fallen heroes on Memorial Day. The men manning the Dragon, astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley will be the new pioneers at the beginning of the next generation of space travel.

The space industry has changed dramatically since the heyday of shuttle launches spanning nearly 30 years, with the advent of new commercial companies taking up the challenges helping revitalize the industry again. Applied Composites technology, know-how, and great people will be there to support the industry as the next great steps are taken.

David Horner, CEO of Applied Composites stated “The AC team joins me in saluting the brave astronauts. We are thrilled to witness this major step forward in commercial space history”.

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