San Diego, CA

Test and Certification Expertise

San Diego augments its expertise in composite design and manufacturing with a comprehensive suite of characterization and inspection capabilities. San Diego is capable of and regularly delivers composite material acceptance and qualification testing. Material characterization and testing is completed in accordance with ASTM standards on one of two of San Diego’s test machines – 50 kip MTS test machine and 20 kip United test machine. San Diego performs material/coupon testing from  -200 °F to 2000 °F and at heat rates as high as 140 °F/sec. Prior to testing, San Diego conditions coupons for temperature and humidity exposure in chambers capable to -200 °F to 400 °F and 20 to 98% Relative Humidity.

In addition to coupon and material characterization, San Diego develops and utilizes custom test setups and test frames for flight hardware acceptance testing and prototype development. San Diego’s custom testing equipment includes 6’x6’x6’ multi-axial test frame, 12’x12’ test frame base, 8’x8’x10’ burst chamber, and a missile speed egress test facility. San Diego’s load frames are capable to 300 kips vertically and 165+ kips horizontally. The testing capabilities are ISO 17025 compliant.
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