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We are a leading provider of lightweight components, assemblies and composite structures for satellites and launch vehicles with significant flight heritage.

Satellite Structures

Primary Bus & Payload Structures

Satellite bus and payload structures have long been the core business of our space division at Applied Composites.  Throughout our history, we have produced over 3,000 panels and have integrated and installed over 200 heat pipe panels and 250,000 optical solar reflectors. Our key customers include Boeing, Lockheed Martin & Northrop Grumman.

Solar Array Substrates 

Applied Composites is the leading supplier of build-to-print and build-to spec solar array panels. With high production rate capabilities and over 500 panels delivered, our configurations range from large deployable panels for GEO satellites to smaller panels for LEO satellite constellations to body mount panels for small satellites.  We are a qualified supplier to Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Ball Aerospace.

Antenna Reflectors, Booms & Support Structures

We have valuable expertise in antenna reflectors, with full engineering responsibility on 80% of the over 100 reflectors we have built and shipped for use on commercial satellites and deep space missions. We also supply a wide variety of booms and structures for antenna reflectors and have delivered over 1000 tubes since 2017.

Instrument Structures 
Our optical benches offer superior dimensional stability and high-specific stiffness to maintain the alignment of critical elements such as mirrors, detectors and focal plane sensor systems.  Our composite telescope, directed energy and camera structures are built with precision and to exacting tolerances to deliver optimized stability while satisfying system level performance requirements.

Space Launch Vehicles

Orion Launch Abort System Ogive Fairings
Applied Composites has manufactured the Fillet and Ogive panels – two of the largest structures on Orion’s Launch Abort System (LAS).  The LAS safely separates the Orion Crew Capsule from the booster in the event of a flight anomaly.
Blue Origin Crew Capsule
Blue Origin’s New Shepard Crew Capsule is a pressurized crew capsule that can carry six people and supports a “full envelope” launch escape system. 
Minotaur IV Rocket
Applied Composites has built several major components of the Minotaur IV Rocket, including the motor adapter cone, guidance control assembly, fairing adapter ring, payload adapter cone and payload fairing.

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