One Source. Diverse Capabilities


Offering highly engineered primary and secondary composite structures for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.


Complex Composite Assemblies

Adding value for our customers, Applied Composites provides fully engineered and qualified higher-level complex assemblies.  Notable past and current platforms include standards such as the A350, C-130 and V-22.

Control Surfaces & Fairings

As a sole source to civil platforms such as the 737 MAX and 787 Dreamliner, as well as military benchmark platforms such as C-130, MH-47 and V-22, Applied Composites has established itself as a low-risk composites partner with world-class delivery and quality performance.

Radomes, Nose Cones & Antennas

Applied Composites enables connectivity from the battlefield to the boardroom – or at least the boardroom at 35,000 feet.  From OE production to MRO service and rotables, we provide radomes and air-to-ground antennas for numerous business jet and military applications.

Rotor Shafts
Applied Composites’ flight critical filament-wound rotor shafts provide weight reduction and durability for some of Bell Flight’s most advanced civil rotorcraft platforms.
Taking advantage of what’s normally undesirable, Applied Composites uses the thermal expansion differentials of multi-material molds to form integrated ribs and stiffeners in fixed wing spars and flight controls for platforms such as the V-22.
Floor Boards 

Providing aftermarket solutions for rotorcraft floorboards, Applied Composites works with its customers to improve performance, durability, and cabin configurations for operations in austere environments.  Capabilities include integration of interface hardware in co-cured composites as well as metallic core bonding to composite and metallic skins.

Plenums, ECS, & Bleed Air Ducts

Drawing upon a diverse mix of manufacturing capabilities, Applied Composites provides air handling solutions from large nested plenum structures for platforms such as the A350, to bleed air anti-icing products for Boeing legacies such as the 767 and 777.  Capabilities include filament winding, in-house-cast dissolvable mandrels, and abrasive acoustic perforation.

Engine Composites

Inlet Ducts & Intakes

From rotorcraft to civil and military fixed-wing aircraft, Applied Composites provides heated and non-heated engine inlets, APU inlets, and ram-air intakes to platforms including Airbus, Lockheed Martin, and Leonardo.

Bypass Ducts & Core Cowls
Utilizing both Polyimide and BMI resin systems, Applied Composites is successfully resolving legacy challenges on civil and military platforms for customers such as GE Aviation and Honeywell.
Exhaust Fairings & IRSS
Responding to the urgent need of the warfighter, Applied Composites is able to deliver complex, tight-tolerance, multi-material solutions to its customers in development lead times as little as six months.  Customers include Bell Flight and Rolls Royce.
Engine Air Ducts

Utilizing several manufacturing methods, including in-house cast dissolvable mandrels, Applied Composites provides complex-geometry engine air ducting for applications such as APU ducts, oil-cooler ducts, bleed-air ducts, and pre-cooler ducts.  Customers include Boeing, GE, Honeywell and Bell Flight.

From design through production, Applied Composites offers nacelle structures to rotary and fixed-wing platforms with a heritage built on decades of performance and industry leading on-time delivery and quality.  Customers include Bell Flight and Rolls Royce.